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Bakken oil stocks are a very exciting topic right now for quite a few reasons. First of all, Bakken oil stock symbols have gained a lot of attention because of their performance in the stock market. Right now thousands of people are getting Bakken oil stock quotes.

Bakken oil companies are behind the best Bakken oil stocks 2010. Remember to have stocks and to have a symbol on a market such as the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) you must first be a public company and be registered with the SEC. Emerging Bakken oil stocks can be identified in several ways...

The process to creating a successful oil symbol is pretty straightforward, which is surprising considering how profitable it can be. First of all the government has to approve an oil drilling contract which is voted on by legislature and either passed or rejected. This bill is usually lobbied by companies with large budgets and in cases where environmental concerns are mitigated and the government sees the ability to create jobs the permit to drill oil is granted and becomes a sort of "blue law".

Before a company seeks to get a billing permit on the Bakken oil reserve, they will typically find some means to get a sample core drilling for inspection and will base their decision to move forward with legal proceedings to get the permit based off the quality of the sampling. These core samples are reperformed over the life of the Bakken oil symbol, and are typically presented with the portfolio to the investor, who wants to be educated about the depth of the drilling, the availability of the oil at the site, the company's permit, how long the permit is good for, what methods of drilling are permitted, among a variety of other stock-price influencing factors.

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Not all Bakken stock companies are American, even though the Bakken oil formation is in the heart of the mainland. Companies come as far as Australia to set up shop and get their share of the excitement.

Bakken Stock symbols may reside on different markets. Some trade on the American Stock Exchange (Amex), the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), and the New York Stock Exchange.

Oil stocks are some of the best performing stocks on the market - for example the Canadian Oil sands saw growth in some symbols as much as 19,900%, with a top end around $110 per share. The same is found in Bakken oil symbols.




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